Go Teach continues to create new Bible-teaching products for children and young teens.

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This short surveycan provide us with useful information about different aspects of work with children and young people across the country. Every response will help us understand more about the circumstances in which our material could be used.

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This questionnaire will provide feedback on each part of every lesson we publish.

By analysing the responses, we can make sure our lesson material continues to be appropriate in helping to meet the spiritual needs of children and young people.


It will be changed regularly and is intended to help teachers with their personal preparation, whether or not they use our lessons.

Looking for Bible Teaching Resources...

  • for children and young people in Sunday School, church, club, home or school?
  • that take the Bible seriously as the Word of God and applies it to today's youngsters?
  • with a comprehensive programme, covering the major events, people and doctrines of the Bible?
  • that are thoroughly Bible-centred and non-denominational?

You've Come to the Right Place!

Go Teach has been producing Bible teaching material in the United Kingdom since 1946.

Our purpose is to glorify God by advancing the Christian faith through the production of Bible-teaching material for use with children and young people.

Please look around our web site to find out more about our teaching programme and publications.

Existing Customers

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For teaching pre-schoolers in Sunday school, these teachers’ books contains 15 bible based lessons. The accompanying visual aids book includes a free CD. Come Learn books provide activities related to the teaching.

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For churches teaching children in the early years of schooling, teachers books are matched with a book of colour visual aids illustrating each bible narrative. A separate workbook contains pupils activity sheets.

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JUNIORS 8s-11s

Designed for teaching biblical truth to children approaching secondary school age, all lesson books include a family service outline. Age appropriate visuals and activities are found in additional books.

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These bible centred lessons help children in the early years of secondary school. Teachers’ books provide background notes and a suggested lesson presentation. Separate books provide colour visuals and activity leaflets.

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We publish maps, posters, visual aids, colouring books and Holiday Bible Club material. We also sell a few selected products from other publishers.

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