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8 sessions for teenagers applying Biblical principles to the use of money and possessions with 8 extra sessions on a free CD

Holiday Club Resources

Five sessions with a sport theme based an events from the Acts of the Apostles. This item was £18.99, saving you £6.99!
Genesis themed Holiday Bible Club resource. Features includes separate visual aids book, two free CD Roms, family event. Save over 50%. This item was £25!
Holiday Bible Club resource based on the life of Peter. Features includes visual aids book, free CD Roms and family event.


A detailed graphic timeline chart for teenagers and adults covering the history of redemption from creation to the gospel age. Comes with a free CD containing the teenagers and adults time line plus simplified Juniors and Beginners versions.


A2 Poster showing the books of the Bible.
A2 timeline chart gives information and images for the key parts of the story of Daniel.


6 powerpoint presentations in colour of famous Christians, including downloadable scripts and activity sheets or quizzes for children of 8-11 years.

Workshop Resource Downloads

Apart from the spiritual resources we have available to us- the Bible, the Holy Spirit, prayer, it is the teacher which is the most valuable resource in the teaching process. The teacher is more important than the lesson. After each lesson has gone (and forgotten?) the teacher remains (and is remembered). We spend much time preparing our lessons, but comparatively little time preparing our teachers. Most preparation is done privately, but some personal preparation can be done together.

GO TEACH has always given a high priority to staff training and by invitation, visits churches for that purpose each year. Since 2003 we have provided a teachers’ workshop in each lesson book- usually at the front in recognition of its importance. Most of those pages are now available on this website as free downloads. We recommend that staff agree to meet at least once a term for prayer and planning. It is preferable to have an additional meeting each term for staff training and prayer. If everything is done on the same occasion, important matters will only be covered superficially. Such meetings are especially helpful to new and younger staff who often find themselves “thrown in at the deep end” will little guidance or support.

Taking only a single page per topic, this material can be printed and distributed to staff in advance of the meeting so that they are ready to take part in the discussion. The leader should do additional research and be clear about the key points to be conveyed. They should guide the discussion so that everyone can contribute and benefit from the input of others. Notes should be taken by staff during the meeting and follow-up exercises encouraged so that lessons learned can soon be applied.


One in a series of workshops. This one focuses on how you can teach children in the TV age.
FREE Download
One in a series of workshops. This one focuses on including children with special needs in a teaching setting.
FREE Download
One in a series of workshops. This one focuses on how to use visual aids effectively.
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