Our ministry is focused on assisting churches in their teaching of children and young people. Our aim is to produce good quality, biblically based lesson material that is accurate, attractive and accessible. High on our agenda is helping churches to train teachers in their understanding and explanation of biblical truth. 

We have frequently organised special events for that purpose and offer a diverse but co-ordinated programme covering the breadth of children's work, involving experienced contributors from various backgrounds. 

These events are intended to help teachers: a) deepen their own understanding of the Bible, b) gain insights about the children they teach, c) develop their presentation skills, d) examine available children's resources. 

Outlined below is a series of events intended to accommodate the various levels of interest, experience and opportunity amongst churches. They can be adjusted to meet the needs of your church. 

  • Go Teach would visit your church to introduce a range of publications and explain their distinctive ethos (single session – or double with workshop).
  • Go Teach would negotiate with your nearest Christian bookshop for an exclusive, on-site discounted presentation to you of supplementary children's resources (half day).
  • Go Teach would bring to you a full day's programme covering the range of children's work with subjects such as the place of children's work in the ministry of the church.
  • Go Teach would host a day conference for a particular age group, using your church as a venue, to which other local churches could be invited.
  • Go Teach would organise for you a residential weekend for a more extensive consideration of the practical and biblical perspectives of children's work.
  • Go Teach would provide links with other agencies to facilitate in-depth staff training by means of residential and correspondence courses.